What is Competency-Based Education?

What is Competency-Based Education?

Competency-based or also described as Life Experience education is a flexible way for students to get credit for what they know, build on their knowledge and skills by learning more at their own pace, and earn high quality degrees, certificates, and other credentials that help them in their lives and careers. Students in these programs show what they know and how well they know it through multiple ways of evaluating learning. This is another choice for learning offered at many institutions, through a variety of programs, with full support to help students when needed. 

A Growing Interest

Competency-based programs are generating increased interest and awareness in higher education. Many colleges and universities see the potential to better plan, organize, and deliver educational opportunities and experiences at the program level than are available through traditional academic instruction—in which paths to completion and what students will learn are often less transparent and progress is measured primarily by the accumulation of credit hours, the achievement of minimum grade-point averages, and the passage of time.

Designed with the Individual in Mind

Competency-based education is rapidly changing, and new models are constantly emerging. In most competency-based programs, learning can occur in a wide variety of forms and settings, and students can receive regular support and encouragement along the way. Students are assessed using objective, performance-based tools that reinforce the rigor of programs. Many of these programs are designed as flexible, affordable options for students who are not served well by existing postsecondary programs. Students receive more intensive guidance and support from faculty and mentors and also have the option of accelerating their studies to save additional time and money.
To learn more on this program please visit: http://www.cbenetwork.org/

Join our pilot program and we will pay for your degree!

We are now signing up students looking to earn their AA degree in Advertising (and/or) BA degree in Marketing… and we will even pay 100% towards your degree(s)!
We have created an approved course outline for an education and training program and will help guide students to earn a “life experience degree” from an accredited, United States University… at no cost to the student.
Life experience is gaining a “hands-on education” and applying a quantity of learning, data and skills towards an education degree program.
Approved students will be expected to complete real life experience assignments as part of their education and training.
Assignments and communications are done using the internet so students are required to be able to communicate using online sources.  Students must also be available to communicate via the phone but for tracking purposes, assignments and all training materials are submitted via the internet.
Once a student has the required quantity of learning, data and skills to earn a “real life experience degree” we will apply and pay all fees on your behalf, for a life experience degree for your accomplishments and have an approved United States University issue you an AA degree in Advertising (and/or) a BA degree in Marketing.
We will help set goals for every student and when a student reaches those set goals, we will end our education and training program and apply for your AA and/or BA degree.
Please note:  Because we are educating and training students for a “real – life experience” degree program, students will be required to learn how to approach business owners interested in advertising and marketing and offer them an advertising and marketing program for their business.
We charge a low fee to the business to help cover the cost on our program but will keep the cost low for those business owners.  We will also pay all students a commission on every sale.  This will provide the student with the best “real life experience” possible.
Our program is designed to give the student the best “real – life experience” education and training in the shortest amount of time.
We do not track the amount of hours of study time a student puts in.  We look for “real-life” experience and will back the experience you gain with our program on future resumes and job applications.