Student Work Program

We work with students at colleges and universities across America to go out and meet with merchants close to their campus to ask if the business would be willing to support their college student discount program by offering a student discount to students at their campus.

Here is a list of current college student discount programs we offer:

We charge the merchants a very small $600.00 annual fee and ask for the students to do everything they can to help get the word out to fellow students on and around campus so students can save money on the products and services they need.

If a student gets a business to support their college student discount program by partnering with us, we will give the student $100.00 for their effort. If the student can get the business to contact us and have us go over our program with the business and if they decide to take advantage of our program… we will still give the student $100.00 for their effort.

For every ten businesses the student can get to support their school discount program… we will give that student an additional $1,000.00 bonus for their effort.

We feature those supporting businesses on the (college) student discount program website and post; deals, discounts and coupon offers to the students.

We currently average 5,000 to 20,000 visits per-month per-year to every college student discount program website, depending on the size of the college.

Once we get 10 to 15 merchants supporting our program, we will add their college student discounted offer on a student discount card and print 10,000 student discount cards and give those discount cards to the supporting businesses to hand out to students visiting their business.

The cards are free to the students and they can use the card over-and-over again until the card expires.

This is not only a wonderful program that help students save money on purchases they are already making, but offers a way for students to earn a little cash to help them stay in school!

With the new school year starting we are searching for students to become Ambassadors with our program.

If interested, contact Terry Jenkins at